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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Relics found on Chinese ship sunken 200 years ago

Xiaobai Jiao-1, an ancient merchant vessel which sank nearly 200 years ago during the Qing Dynasty. Recently archaeologists have found relic stones and porcelain pieces on-board the sunken ship.
The ship sank in waters near Ningbo city, which was a major hub for sea trade in ancient China.

Archaeologists are working 24 meters below sea level. It was there they found the Mei Yuan stones piled on the boat's bottom. These precious stones were used as gifts for communication in ancient times.

An archaeologist says, "We have seen three bowls with green and white patterns. Two of them are broken and the rest is complete with the cover."

Archaeologists have also found porcelain pieces, pottery, seals, Spanish coins, stone and wooden pieces.
In addition, experts have found a rich variety of relics that will provide valuable information to historians about trade during those times.

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