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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Countdown Clock - Cracked

Nani gigantum humeris insidentes.

Thank you to all the dedicated and unsung researchers who uncovered the many fragments of this puzzle, of which this video presents just one small piece.

Due to time constrants, many important facts and connections were ommited.

While it may never be possible to know the entire truth, one thing we can know for sure. By working together, it is possible to influence events for a better and brighter future for everyone.

Special thanks to:

undercoveralien who recently lost his/her channel

And of course TextMex

And many, many more.

I'd intended to include this in the video but ran out of time.
Coded News-The NWO Media transmits Cryptic Codes

Which led me to this page.
"The 104-Year Venus Round is the nucleus of the Mayan Calendar. Two 52-year Calendar Rounds include 13 different octaeteris 8-Haab-solar-year periods that multiply to get the Mayan 104-Year Venus Round (Eqn. 2). The Aztec god Quetzalcoatl is Kukulatin in Maya land. The Dresden Codex Venus Table depends upon two 52-year Calendar Rounds having 52-Haab-solar years of 365 days each. Each table completes its total interval of 104-Haab-solar-years for 37,960-days (Eqn. 3)."

And this page on Keith Hunter's website.

In this video by Keith Hunter, mentions how Comet Holmes has been refered to as the Blue Kachina.

And this video that connected Ceres to the Carington event or 1859.

Fortunately the 9th has come and gone including the occultation of Ceres by the Moon as seen in the Northern hemisphere at 9am UTC on 9-9 and nothing occured on the scale as portrayed by the BBC drama, Spooks Code 9.

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